3 knives you should have!

From slicing a chicken to even dicing the pineapple, you must know how to move around with the knife. The knife is the most critical utensil to use in the kitchen. It is among the most critical and essential equipment to be used in the kitchen. You must never go wrong when you are handling a knife as you never know, anything can happen at any time. If you are on your way to building your own kitchen then let me just say that try giving a thought for a great set of knives, even if it may cost a little. Here are three most common and best knives every household should own.

Chef’s Knife

Oliva Chefs

How To: The chef’s knife is one of the most common and important set of knives that should be in your collection of knives. It is advisable that you get yourself a knife which is slightly longer than most common sized one as longer edges make a knife a little more versatile and efficient.

How Not to: Yes, the chef’s knife is among the best, but it is not to be used with all kind of ingredients. This type of knife is most importantly not to be used to butcher, remove skim from vegetables or even puncture hole into a can.

Paring Knife


How To: A paring knife is somewhat like a substitute for the chef’s knife. The paring knife helps to pick up where the chef’s knife left off. This paring knife is usually used to slice small ingredients and mince small ingredients.

How Not to: You should avoid using the paring knife to cut vegetables that are hard, like carrots and celery as it may damage the blade. These type of knives are small hence that is mostly why it is only used to cut small ingredients instead of big ones.

Serrated Knife


How To: The serrated knife is usually used for cutting those food items like bread hence it is also named as the bread knife. These serrated knives are normally also used to cut tomatoes, watermelons, peppers or even apples as those type of food are quite waxy and smooth. The blade of the knife has zig zag patterns which helps it to still cut through those ingredients which are slippery compared to the straight blade which ends up sliding.

How Not to: Serrated knives are only to be used for slicing, rather than chopping. The serrated knife is quite sharp hence it easily cuts through food items and hence that is among the reason why the serrated knives should not be used to cut small food items.

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